September 17 – 26, 2018

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Are Divine Mother India’s Sweet Whispers calling your name?

You will be escorted to the heart of Spiritual India without having to organise any of the details or worry about how to stay safe or navigate the challenge of travelling in India.

This is heartfelt Yoga & Travel for women who desire to re-connect with their spiritual side by getting away and immersing themselves in something wonderful.

A sacred women’s pilgrimage that takes you to Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Bodhgaya with notable highlights being the Taj Mahal, the holy Ganges River and the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.

You are invited on a transformational Yoga Holiday that will deepen your appreciation of the ancient art form of Yoga and it’s sacred roots in Spiritual India.

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Have you always wanted to visit India but never quite made it?

Divine Mother India is a mystical land; she is powerful and compelling.

Her charms are far beyond words and she embodies the beauty and femininity of a Divine Goddess.

She IS the Divine Goddess, the Divine Mother, the healer.

Her mystery is a light and power that emanates golden tones.

She’s the sunbeams touching your face as you float on the Ganges river at sunrise.

She’s the glowing embers of the sacred fire ceremony as you participate in the ancient rituals at sunset.

Are Divine Mother India’s sweet whispers calling your name?

Divine Mother India Women’s Yoga Holiday to North India

Itinerary at a Glance (10 Days/9 Nights)

September 17 – 26, 2018

DAY 1   Arrival day into Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi & transfer to the Eros Luxury Hotel

DAY 2   Mid-morning Yoga, Opening Circle & Welcome Lunch with afternoon visit to local market mecca Dilli Haat

DAY 3   Morning Meditation/Yoga, private coach to Agra & sunset at the Taj Mahal

DAY 4   Morning Meditation/Yoga, fly to India’s holiest city Varanasi & Blessing Ceremony

DAY 5   Morning Meditation/Yoga, late afternoon River Cruise & Ganga Aarti + optional Astrology Readings

DAY 6   Morning Meditation/Yoga, Goddess Durga Temple & sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site Sarnath

DAY 7   Sunrise Nada Yoga & Mantra Meditation, a walking tour of old Varanasi & afternoon visit to traditional Silk Weavers

DAY 8   Morning Meditation/Yoga & private coach to Buddhist holy city Bodhgaya

DAY 9   Morning Meditation/Yoga, visit the Mahabodhi Temple complex & Farewell Lunch

DAY 10   Sunrise Meditation with the monks, Closing Circle & flight back to Delhi (ends 5pm)

As women on the Spiritual Path we know the importance of surrounding ourselves with the sisterhood of supportive female Shakti energy

I’m proud to say that I’ve never done India with a backpack and I’ve had profound insights into the true nature of yoga that exists there.

Yoga that is about daily ritual, devotion and a deep dedication to making EVERY day sacred.

Divine Mother India is a truly unique place that holds a special place in my heart that I wish to share with you.

You will be taken to some of India’s most holy and revered pilgrimage places with grace and flow.

We will be travelling in style with boutique, heritage and luxury accommodation as well as private cars and coaches.

India doesn’t have to be hard and it certainly doesn’t have to be on a shoestring.

Join me for a 10 day immersion into a truly unique spiritual tradition without any of the headaches.

Are you an avid female traveller who has resisted travelling to India alone?

Can you imagine travelling to India and not having to worry about all of the nitty gritty?

I mean not worrying about things like staying safe and having to plan all of the details?

Having someone else make sure you’re not going to get ripped off or end up as part of a tourist scam!

I bet you’ve heard all sorts of stories about India being unsafe to travel alone – especially for women!

That’s why with me as your leader it will be easy to experience the wonders of spiritual travel in India without any of the belly ache!

Are you a lover of Yoga, intrigued by exotic India and in desperate need of a holiday?

Hi my name is Belinda O’Dea and I’m a heart-based certified Yoga teacher originally from Australia and currently a citizen of the world.

I’m also an accomplished fashion designer and Yoga & Travel are two of my greatest joys.

I’m here to offer you the experience of bespoke India with other women who are as lit up about Yoga, Travel & Wellness as I am! 

I’ve spent years studying, working and playing in the exotic wonderland that is Asia and I’d be delighted to share Divine Mother India with you.

I’m as passionate a student as I am a teacher.

I see yoga as a gift to share the joy and transformation that it has brought to my life.

My love and enthusiasm for India’s spiritual tradition is enhanced by my down-to-earth, easy delivery of ancient philosophy.

This is your personal invitation to be guided through Spiritual India in comfort and style on a magical Yoga Holiday.

Join me on this sacred India pilgrimage to Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Bodhgaya.

With notable highlights being the Taj Mahal, the holy Ganges River and the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment.

In 10 Days you will experience the ancient traditions and rituals of Yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism in their homeland.

It will be a journey of discovery and an immersion into India’s spiritual heritage that you will never forget.

On the Divine Mother India Yoga Holiday you will experience & learn…

  • Japa Mantra Meditation

  • Hatha & Nada Yoga

  •  About all of the branches of the ‘Tree of Yoga’

  • The epic love story of The Taj Mahal

  • The ancient mantras of sunrise on the Ganges River

  • The sacred AARTI fire ceremony at sunset

  • The key deities of the Hindu pantheon and their significance

  • Hindu and Yoga Philosophy

  •  The story of the Buddha and Buddhist Philosophy

  •  How to create a sacred altar and bring the Divine into your everyday

  • The art of reflective journal writing

  • The deeper meaning behind many of the rituals that exist in Spiritual India

  • How to re-connect with your ‘Spiritual’ side and live from a place centered in the heart

Get away on a Yoga Holiday to get back in touch with your Spiritual Self

On this Divine Mother India spiritual travel experience Yoga, Travel and Spirituality will be seamlessly integrated. 

I know that your deep wish is to answer the call to experience the Divine Mother in all of her glory.

And that you can probably only afford a little time out from your regular life for a Yoga Holiday.

I understand that you desire a little taste of India – a chance to dip your toes in and see if you like it.

This is an opportunity to join a group of like-hearted women and be escorted through Spiritual India with safety and ease. 

In 10 days you will experience a perfectly curated blend of sightseeing and spiritual activities filled with moments of quiet contemplation and lots of fun!

You will gain an understanding of the culture, the rituals and the rich history that exists in India whilst travelling in style with a small group of like-minded women. 

You will have a chance to spoil yourself and be spoilt as you stop to reconnect, recalibrate and realign your body, mind & spirit through a Yoga Holiday adventure.

Do you want to tick India off your Bucket List?

Maybe you’ve wanted to travel to India for a long time? 

I’m pretty sure that it’s on your bucket list.

You are a woman who has travelled the world but somehow has never quite made it to India.

Or maybe you have been to India but didn’t experience it in a comfortable or spiritual way. 

I know that was my first experience of India and one of the reasons why I created this Yoga Holiday.

You are a woman who loves Yoga, adores being surrounded in beauty and know’s there’s something more to life that you desire. 

A rich spiritual tradition that you’d love to immerse yourself in and understand from the inside out through a fun loving adventure with other fabulous women.

Travel to Exotic India with a group of like-hearted Women

I know you’ve always wanted to go, but the idea of going alone is just too scary. 

And so far, you haven’t quite been able to convince your loved ones of the wanderlust that you feel.

I was YOU and I can promise that this is the way to experience the magic of spiritual travel in India without any of the stress.

You can put your worries aside, this is not India on a shoestring, it is sophisticated boutique travel for ladies ready to take a luxury Yoga Holiday for themselves. 

I’m sure your days of being a backpacker are long gone and you’re ready to experience India in a gracious way with ease and flow.

This heartfelt Yoga Holiday is a thoughtful and well-designed intimate group spiritual travel experience to be shared with other like-hearted souls. 

You will experience Spiritual India in comfort and style.

You will be held in a sacred container of other women, just like you, who wish to experience Spiritual India in a tailored, private group experience. 

The type of India that I’m talking about is for women who know what they want and appreciate life’s comforts.

You are a woman who loves Yoga & Travel and would like to tick this one off your bucket list as well as reignite and connect to your Spiritual Self. 

Would you like to experience the Magic Carpet ride that is India?

India is colourful, magical and mystical.  

A place that tantalises the senses and uplifts the spirit.

A place of pilgrimage rich in cultural tradition and daily rituals.

A deeply transformational land with an innately spiritual soul.

But it doesn’t have to be like any of the stories that you’ve heard.

And you definitely don’t have to sacrifice any of your daily comforts to experience it authentically.

You will travel in style with a personal airport pick up, private coaches, flights instead of trains and both luxury and boutique hotels with all of the creature comforts of home.

This is a Yoga Holiday for women with all levels of Yoga experience who share an interest in exploring exotic cultures and surrounding themselves with the sisterhood of supportive female energy.

Let me tell you a little more about my experience of Yoga & Travel in India…

I’ve sat with Holy Men and discussed the Bhagavad Gita on the banks of the River Ganges and I’ve been initiated with my personal mantra received from the stars, through the medium of a Vedic Astrologer.

I’ve been told of my dharma and my life’s path, unbeknownst to me, all in the palm of my hand.

I’ve spent 10 day’s in silence experiencing authentic Ashram life.

I’ve meditated in caves and completed lengthy and profound Ayurvedic cleanses to align my body, mind and spirit.

These are some of experiences that I wish to share with you.

I want you to fall deeply and passionately in love with your own sense of spirit and reconnect with your Spiritual Self.

To re-connect with source and the wellspring of your innate power; a place of boundless support, love and joy.

To understand the practice of Yoga in it’s entirety, ancient rituals and all.

To be inspired by the richness and depth of this tradition and to ground those experiences in your modern life.

This is your opportunity to experience the abundant gifts of Divine Mother India in a way that is nourishing and enjoyable.

An opportunity for you to begin to live more consciously whilst cultivating a deeper connection to the space of the Heart.

What previous guests have experienced…

Ready for a Yoga Holiday?

Maybe you’ve only just started Yoga and it’s already got you hooked.

Or perhaps you’ve been practising for a long time and you couldn’t imagine your life without it.

I know that for me finding Yoga completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Clearly you’ve also fallen in love with Yoga so it seems only natural that you should visit the country of it’s origin.

In India, Yoga is a way of life not just a form of exercise.

You will find liberation and freedom in your practice.

You will experience Yoga with a Guru.

You will be uplifted by all of the branches of the Tree of Yoga.

You will explore the inner landscape through the outer journey.

The Divine Mother is like a graceful swan.

She sweeps you in under her wing and draws out any impurities and replenishes them with only goodness.

It is with this grace that you’ll immerse yourself into the essence of Yoga – a right of passage for all Yoginis – especially Yoga Teachers!

Imagine India without the Belly Ache!

Full Itinerary September 17 – 26, 2018

Day 1

Stay – Delhi @ Eros Luxury Hotel

Activities – Land, Check In & Rest

Upon arrival you will be met by a local guide at Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi and transferred to our luxury hotel. Depending on what time your flight arrives today will be yours to rest and recover your energy for the epic journey that is about to unfold. An opportunity to recover from any jetlag and take advantage of the hotel’s luxury pool & spa facilities. Check in time is 12 noon – for flights arriving early morning you may consider taking an extra night’s accommodation so that you can slip straight into your room.

Day 2

Stay – Delhi @ Eros Luxury Hotel 

Activities – Yoga, Welcome Circle & Shopping

Meals Included – Breakfast & Welcome Lunch

You will enjoy breakfast at your leisure and we will meet as a group in the lobby at 10am. You will enjoy a soft landing by practicing Nada Yoga (transcendental sound) & Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) as well as participating in our Opening Circle. You will get to know the other members over a Welcome Lunch and then will visit local Arts & Crafts market mecca Dilli Haat. Whilst at the market you can pick up some local clothes to help assimilate into your new environment or simply enjoy taking in the exotic arts & crafts of this mystical land.

Day 3

Stay – Agra @ Grand Imperial Heritage Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation & The Taj Mahal

Meals Included – Breakfast

Travel – Private Coach to Agra (4 Hours)

We will enjoy an early morning Yoga/Meditation practice. After breakfast we will check out and make our way to Agra by private coach. Once we check in to our lovely heritage hotel you might like to take a dip in the luxurious swimming pool or enjoy the hotel’s spa facilities. Late afternoon we will head to the Taj Mahal for a visit to this spectacular monument to love. The Taj at sunset is magical with highlights of pink and orange as the backdrop to the white light emanating from this glowing masterpiece. The evening will be yours to enjoy a quiet meal and a puppet show in the grounds of our charming heritage hotel.

Day 4

Stay – Varanasi @ Surya Uday Haveli Boutique Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation, Flight to Varanasi & Blessing Ceremony

Meals Included – Breakfast

Travel – Private Coach to Airport (4 Hours) & Flight to Varanasi (1.5 Hours)

We will start our day with an early morning Yoga/Meditation practice. After breakfast we make our way to the airport for our flight to Varanasi. Upon arrival into Varanasi we will settle into our hotel and visit the Shiva Temple next door for a Blessing Ceremony. Over a relaxed alfresco dinner you will have the opportunity to enjoy classical Indian music and take in your new environment. Tonight from our spectacular boutique hotel which belongs to the Royal family of Nepal, you will drift off to sleep alongside the life force of Divine Mother India. Ganga Maa the Ganges River is both a Goddess and a healer, her water’s are magical and mystical infused with transformational powers.

Day 5

Stay – Varanasi @ Surya Uday Haveli Boutique Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation, River Cruise & Ganga Aarti + optional Astrology Reading/Henna Tattoo

Meals Included – Breakfast

This morning you will experience Yoga with a local ‘Guru’ and Meditation on the steps of the Ganges River. During the day you will have an opportunity to catch your breath, watch the world go by from our hotel balcony or go for a stroll along the fascinating Ghats (riverside steps) and alleyways. Late afternoon we will take a river cruise along the Holy Mother Ganga exploring the Gods & Goddesses and observing the sacred cremation grounds. We will alight our boat to attend the infamous Aarti – holy fire ceremony of Varanasi riverside. As an optional activity you may like to experience a personal Astrology Reading by a local ‘Panditji’ or get a decorative temporary henna tattoo during your free time.

Day 6

Stay – Varanasi @ Surya Uday Haveli Boutique Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation, Durga Temple & Sarnath

Meals Included – Breakfast

After your early morning Meditation and Yoga practice with the Guru we will we will continue our spiritual journey through Varanasi. Firstly we will visit the powerful Shakti Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga where we will make flower offerings and receive the abundance of her grace and blessings. From there you will continue on to Sarnath with our local guide. Sarnath is an extremely important Buddhist pilgrimage site where Lord Buddha taught his first holy sermon. This is one of the four most important pilgrimage places for Buddhists in the world and hosts a beautiful museum with ancient Buddhist relics.

Day 7

Stay – Varanasi @ Surya Uday Haveli Boutique Hotel

Activities – River Cruise/Meditation, Walking Tour & Silk Weaving

Meals Included – Breakfast

In the very early morning, we will take a river cruise to experience chanting and meditation at sunrise on Mother Ganga. Our boat will drop us in the charming old city of Varanasi and we will walk through the cobblestone streets taking in all of the fascinating aspects of the oldest living city in the world and enjoying a chai and spot of shopping along the way. We will return to the hotel by rickshaw taking in more of the sites and colours of India. This afternoon we visit a 5th generation silk weaving family and have the opportunity to try on silk sarees and make some purchases if anything takes your fancy.

Day 8

Stay – Bodhgaya @ Oaks Luxury Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation & Road Trip

Meals Included – Breakfast

Travel – Private Coach to Bodhgaya (5 hours)

After early morning Meditation and Yoga practice with the Guru we will have a leisurely breakfast and prepare to check out. Today we will travel to Buddhist pilgrimage town Bodhgaya by private coach. Whilst watching the world go by you will have a chance to journal, reflect and compare notes with your fellow travellers. Once we reach Bodhgaya it will be time to take rest and settle in to our new surroundings.

Day 9

Stay – Bodhgaya @ Oaks Luxury Hotel

Activities – Yoga/Meditation, Mahabodhi Temple & Farewell Lunch

Meals Included – Breakfast & Lunch

After our Yoga/Meditation practice we will venture out to the renowned Mahabodhi temple complex and explore this very different atmosphere. It was under the great ‘Bodhi’ tree that Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. As you will see this is a major pilgrimage site for Buddhists from around the world. After our temple visit we will enjoy our Farewell Lunch together and the afternoon will be yours to visit more temples in this quaint little holy town, shop for souvenirs or simply relax back at the hotel and get a massage.

Day 10

Activities – Meditation, Closing Circle

Meals Included – Breakfast

Travel – Flight to Delhi (2 hours)

Very early morning we will return to the Mahabodhi temple to listen to the devotional chanting of the Buddhist monks and join them for our own individual Meditation. We will finish with our Closing Circle and farewell activities in the Temple grounds returning to the hotel for breakfast. Midday we will head to the airport for our flight to Delhi. Once we reach Delhi we will bid farewell to new friends and continue on to international flights or alternative plans in India.

Always wanted to go? Now is your opportunity to do something special for yourself!

You will be led in a way that is nurturing and fun.

You will have the chance to experience and grow without any expectation or pressure.

This is an opportunity to put yourself first and make YOUR dream of travelling to India come true. 

A well-designed, thoughtful spiritual journey to some of the key sacred pilgrimage sites of Northern India.

A pilgrimage for spiritual women who value coming together in community and sharing their love of Yoga & Travel.

Places are limited so click ENQUIRE NOW to receive the full program details and investment options for this Divine Mother India Yoga Holiday!