Art of Femininity a 10 Day Women’s Yoga Holiday to Cultural Japan

May 6 – 15, 2019

Has the Culture of Japan and it’s Living Artforms always fascinated you?

The Art of Femininity is a Women’s Only exploration of what it means to Slow Down, Do Less and live in a more Graceful Feminine Way.

You will be escorted to Kyoto, Uji & Nara without having to organise any of the details or worry about how to communicate or get yourself around.

A Women’s only Yoga Holiday that takes you to the heart of cultural Japan and immerses you in all of the main Art Forms of Geisha, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Ikebana, Zen Meditation, Kimono & Nature Worship.

This is Heartfelt Yoga & Travel for Women who desire to re-connect with their Feminine Side by experiencing the Mindfulness Practices and Living Arts of Japan.

You are invited to embrace and adore this fascinating culture through practicing the slow and mindful qualities of Japan’s Cultural Traditions, Zen Meditation & Yoga.

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Ready to invite in more Yin qualities in the land of ZEN?

Japan will steal your heart and soothe your senses.

The beauty and grace of the Japanese people is unlike any other.

The charm and uniqueness of this culture is dense in Feminine Principles.

Rich in spiritual heritage and delicious in colour and texture.

The slow motion movements of a Geisha walking through the old city of Kyoto.

The fiery tones of the giant Koi dancing in a gorgeous pond.

The serenity of the Zen Master as he guides you into a deep meditative trance.

The brilliance of the Heart Chakra green in the sweetly tendered Japanese Gardens. 

Japan is refined and mature innately spiritual and pure.

Do you feel the call to the Land of the Rising Sun?

Art of Femininity Women’s Cultural Yoga Holiday to Japan

Itinerary at a Glance (10 Days/9 Nights)

May 6 – 15, 2019

DAY 1   Arrival day into Kansai International Airport Osaka & transfer to Nikko Hotel

DAY 2   Group transfer to Kyoto, Welcome Lunch & Opening Circle followed by early evening Cultural Show

DAY 3   Morning introduction to Zen Meditation, traditional Tea Ceremony, Zen Rock Garden & The Golden Pavilion

DAY 4   Morning Meditation/Yoga & walk the Philosophers Path with Japanese Garden & Temple visits along the way

DAY 5   Morning Meditation/Yoga, dress up in traditional Kimono & enjoy a walking tour of old Kyoto to Kiyomizu Temple

DAY 6  Morning Meditation/Yoga, Japanese Calligraphy lesson, visit 1001 Buddhas & traditional Flower Arranging lesson

DAY 7  Morning Meditation/Yoga, free time & afternoon visit to the famous gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine on route to Uji

DAY 8  Morning Meditation/Yoga, visit world heritage site Byodoin & enjoy the indulgence of staying in a traditional Japanese Inn

DAY 9  Morning Meditation/Yoga, day trip to Nara including Kasuga Shrine, Japanese Gardens, the Big Buddha & Farewell Dinner

DAY 10 Morning Meditation/Yoga, Closing Circle & transfer back to Kansai International Airport Osaka

“It is impossible to remain indifferent to Japanese culture. It is a civilisation where all you have learnt must be forgotten. It is a great intellectual challenge and a gorgeous sensual experience.” -Alain Ducasse

I’m proud to say that Japanese is my second language and that I’ve been having an ongoing love affair with Japan for over 25 years.

Japan is an innately Yin country with the Feminine Principle at the heart of all of the traditional Art Forms.

The grace and poise of the Japanese language, culture and people will captivate your heart and make it sing.

Everything in existence is simple and refined, full of grace and soothing to the senses.

From the way that the food is placed in your Bento box to the ritual of bathing and dressing in Kimono.

This is a rare culture that has perfectly maintained it’s heritage from ancient times to modern day.

An enchanting land with delightful people that must be experienced to be understood.

Immerse yourself for 10 days into a truly beautiful culture laiden with precious gems for living more slowly and gently.

What would it take for you to Slow Down and just BE?

I know I’m not alone in feeling like I’m responsible for getting everything done most of the time.

How would it feel for you to come away on a holiday – alone or with a girlfriend – and not have to do a thing?

I mean apart from signing up and getting yourself there you wouldn’t have to think about or plan anything.

What would it be like to immerse yourself fully into a culture that has always fascinated you and allow yourself just to be led and enjoy it?

An opportunity to practice Yoga, Zen Meditation and mindfulness techniques daily as you walk and talk with other women who are also interested in slowing things down and living more consciously.

How would it feel to have the time to tap back into your feminine essence and come home to a more soft, graceful and slower version of you?

Imagine giving yourself permission to try new things like the art of flower arranging, tea ceremony and calligraphy.

Taking the time to admire and adore the grace and poise of a Japanese woman as she prepares tea and sweets for you.

Reconnecting with the beauty of nature and the soothing lush green vibrance of the Japanese Gardens.

All of this is in your reach, the perfect package to gift to yourself for an inspired way of being from now on.

Are you a Lover of Yoga, in need of more Zen & ready for a sensual indulgence?

Hi my name is Belinda O’Dea and I’m a heart-based certified Yoga teacher originally from Australia and currently a citizen of the world.

I’m also an accomplished fashion designer and Yoga & Travel are two of my greatest joys.

I’m here to offer you the experience of bespoke Japan with other women who are as lit up about Yoga, Travel and cultural immersions as I am! 

I’ve spent years studying, working and playing in the exotic wonderland that is Asia and I’d be delighted to share my love of Japan with you.

I’m as passionate a student as I am a teacher.

I see Yoga as a gift to share the joy and transformation that it has brought to my life.

My love and enthusiasm for Japan’s language and culture is enhanced by my own innate sense of femininity and living mindfully with grace and poise.

This is your personal invitation to be guided through Cultural Japan in comfort and style on an indulgent Yoga Holiday.

On the Art of Femininity Yoga Holiday you will experience & learn…

  • Tantra Yoga

  • Zen & Mindfulness Meditation

  •  Art of Tea Ceremony

  •  Art of Ikebana (Flower Arranging)

  •  Art of Calligraphy

  •  Art of Kimono

  •  Art of Bathing and staying in a traditional Japanese Inn

  •  Art of Adoration of the Divine Feminine & Feminine Beauty

  • Art of Walking & Talking in Nature an ancient method for connecting to Spirit

  • The sacred religion of Shintoism & Nature Worship

  • Sacred Women’s Circles

  • The beauty of Japanese Gardens including Zen Rock Gardens

  • Zen Buddhism, Hindu & Yoga Philosophy

  •  The story of the ancient Emperor’s and the rich history of Japan

  • The deeper meaning behind many of the rituals that exist in Cultural Japan

  • How to Slow Down, re-discover the depth of your Femininity and live more consciously from the heartspace

Get away on a Yoga Holiday to get back in touch with your Femininity

On this Art of Femininity cultural travel immersion Yoga, Travel and Spirituality will be seamlessly integrated. 

I know that your deep wish is to start living more consciously and less on autopilot.

And that you can probably only afford a little time out from your regular life.

I understand that you desire a little taste of Japan and Japanese Culture – a chance to dip your toes in and see if you like it.

This is an opportunity to join a group of like-hearted women and be escorted through Cultural Japan with grace and ease. 

In 10 days you will experience a perfectly curated blend of sightseeing and spiritual activities filled with moments of quiet contemplation and lots of fun!

You will gain an understanding of the culture, the rituals and the rich history that exists in Japan whilst travelling in style with a small group of like-hearted women. 

You will have a chance to spoil yourself and be spoilt as you stop to reconnect, recalibrate and realign your body, mind & spirit through a Yoga Holiday adventure.

Isn’t it time we CELEBRATED what it means to be a Woman?

Isn’t it time we stopped trying to DO everything and re-learn what it is to exist in our natural roles as Women? 

To re-connect with our intuition and the deep knowing of all creation that is the Wisdom of the Womb. 

As women on the Spiritual Path we are at a clear advantage. 

Women are said to already have one foot in heaven but our only problem is focusing our energy. 

Learning to live more mindfully, with awareness and softness could be the most nourishing thing that you could ever do for yourself. 

Embracing the art of learning to just BE and immersing yourself wholeheartedly in something nourishing for your soul. 

The Art of Femininity is not about claiming our stakes as Women, it’s more about remembering that which is our True Nature.

We are Women – creativity, intuition, nurturing, emotional vulnerability, softness, pleasure and sweetness are our birthright.

Japan will restore your faith in the Art of Femininity and how beautiful it can be to live and love, softly and gently from a deep place in the heart. 

Indulge all of your senses and be captivated by the Joy of Japan

I know you’ve always wanted to go but the idea of going alone and facing the language barrier and cultural differences is just too scary. 

And so far, you haven’t quite been able to convince your loved ones of the wanderlust that you feel.

I grew up in Japan, speak the language and know the culture inside out. 

You can put your worries aside, this is sophisticated boutique travel for ladies who are ready to invest in themselves and like to travel in style. 

It would be a honour and a privilege to guide you through Cultural Japan and the Art of Femininity with grace and ease.

This heartfelt Yoga Holiday is a thoughtful and well-designed intimate group travel experience to be shared with other like-hearted women. 

You will experience Japan in both modern comfort and traditional style.

You will be held in a sacred container of other women, just like you, who wish to experience Cultural Japan in a tailored, private group experience. 

The type of Japan that I’m talking about is for Women who know what they want and appreciate life’s comforts and aren’t afraid to indulge a little.

You are a woman who loves Yoga, adores being surrounded by beauty and know’s that there’s something more to life that you desire. 

You are a woman who loves Yoga & Travel and would like to tick this one off your bucket list as well as reignite and connect to your soft Feminine Spirit. 

Wouldn’t you Love to experience the allure of the Land of the Rising Sun?

Intrigued by the life of a Geisha?  

A lover of tea, beautiful textiles & Japanese food?

Fascinated by the simple approach of Zen Buddhism and keen to try Zen Meditation?

Interested in learning new things and walking & talking with other women who are also lit up about Spirituality?

Ready to take a Yoga Holiday that will walk you through a spellbinding culture effortlessly and hold your hand as you rediscover your own Femininity?

This is a Yoga Holiday for women with all levels of Yoga experience who share an interest in exploring exotic cultures and surrounding themselves with the sisterhood of supportive female energy.

Join me on this rite of passage back to your Feminine Core whilst experiencing the treasures of Kyoto, Uji and Nara.

In 10 Days you will experience the culturally rich traditions of Geisha, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Ikebana, Zen Meditation, Kimono & Shintoism (Nature Worship) in their homeland.

It will be a journey of discovery and an immersion into Japan’s cultural heritage and feminine spirit that you will never forget.

Let me tell you a little more about my experience of Japanese Language & Culture…

Japan is well and truly one of my HEART Homes.

At the tender age of 16 I first left home to immerse myself in the language and culture of Japan.

A bright young spark I won scholarships twice to study Japanese language and culture in High school and University.

At first it was confronting, the way of life was so vastly different to what I had been brought up with.

Here I was introduced to Zen Buddhism and all of the cultural Art Forms of Japan at such a tender young age.

I studied reading, writing and speaking, Calligraphy, Japanese Dancing, Tea Ceremony, Ikebana and so much more.

I visited Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines regularly, made offerings to the Ancestors, took an interest in Zen Buddhism and was first introduced to Buddhism’s foundational text ‘The Teachings of Buddha’.

I was a sponge, taking it all in, playing with living life in another language and much of how I am today can be attributed to those formative years of living in Japan.

I can see now that all of it was written and an early indication of my Dharma – my life’s purpose and the qualities that I live, breathe and now share with other women. 

My deep sense of care and nurturing of others, hospitality, generosity and discipline are all traits that were embedded in me in Japan by the kindness of the Japanese people and the richness of the Japanese language and culture.

My interest in Buddhism and Hinduism as well as my respect and reverence for ritual and beauty.

My love of art and design, textiles and form.

My Femininity and desire to live slowly and consciously, simply and gracefully – even if that is not always the case!

The seduction of this innately Yin country, the poised and graceful manners of the Japanese people and the respect and consideration that is shown for Nature is second to none.

This is your opportunity to experience the abundant gifts of Japan in a way that is nourishing and enjoyable with me as your expert guide.

Ready for a Women’s Only Cultural Yoga Holiday?

Maybe you’ve only just started Yoga and it’s already got you hooked.

Or perhaps you’ve been practising for a long time and you couldn’t imagine your life without it.

I know that for me finding Yoga transformed my life.

Embracing stillness and breathing through sensation has been a wonderful metaphor for dealing with life and all of its spectrums.

Learning to just BE and accept what is arising has been a true gift.

Cultivating the witness and learning to rest in awareness has been an awakening.

Clearly you’ve also fallen in love with Yoga so it seems only natural that you should dive in deeper.

You will find liberation and freedom in your practice and begin to open up a spaciousness in your Mind.

Open to learning the Art of Zen in all aspects of your life?

In Japan, Mindfulness is a way of life not just a trendy idea.

You will experience Zen Meditation with a Master and daily mini-mindfulness meditation breaks.

You will practice daily Yoga in a famous Japanese Temple overlooking a beautiful Zen garden and in a traditional Japanese Inn in a fairytale setting on a river.

You will see and experience first hand how conscious awareness is brought to all of the living Art Forms of Japan.

You will explore the inner landscape and what it means to be inhabiting this Female existence through contemplation and connecting to other Women in Sacred Circle.

You will walk and sit in Nature and learn to adore the beauty and perfection that exists in everything and everyone.

Japan will envelope and embrace you, nourishing you through all of your senses.

She will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and no doubt inspire you to live with more sensuality and poise.

It is with this grace that you’ll immerse yourself into the bosom of a country that is PURE HEART and emerge with revitalised radiance and Joie de Vivre.

Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!

Full Itinerary May 6 – 15, 2019

Day 1

Arrival Day

Stay – Osaka @ Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Activities – Land, Check In & Rest

Upon arrival you will easily find the Nikko Hotel at Kansai International Airport a short walk from your Arrival Gate. Depending on what time your flight arrives, today will be yours to rest and restore your energy for the epic journey that is about to unfold. An opportunity to recover from any jetlag and adjust to your new environment. Check in time is 2pm – for flights arriving early morning you may consider taking an extra night’s accommodation so that you can slip straight into your room.

Day 2

Stay – Kyoto @ The Celestine Hotel Gion

Activities – Yasaka Shrine, Maruyama Park, Welcome Circle & Cultural Show

Meals Included – Breakfast, Welcome Lunch

Travel – Private Coach to Kyoto (2 Hours)

You will enjoy breakfast at your leisure and we will meet as a group to transfer to Kyoto at 10am. Upon arrival into Kyoto we will check in to our Boutique Destination Hotel unpack and refresh. Together we will begin our immersion into Japanese Culture by enjoying a Welcome Lunch and an introduction to Shintoism at the Yasaka Shrine.  After admiring all of the beautiful ladies in their kimonos and taking in our new environment we will enjoy a Welcome Circle under the trees in Maruyama Park. In the early evening we will go to see a local Cultural Show which will be an introduction to all of the main Art Forms of Japan.

Day 3

Stay – Kyoto @ The Celestine Hotel Gion

Activities – Zen Meditation, Tea Ceremony, Zen Rock Garden & Golden Pavilion

Meals Included – Breakfast

Early morning we will stroll to the oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto Kenninji Temple which will become our practice space for the next 5 days overlooking a Zen garden. Upon arrival we will be met by the resident Zen Monk who will teach us the Art of Zen Meditation or Zazen as it’s known in Japan. We will return to the hotel for a Japanese or Western style breakfast. Mid-morning we will venture out to a private home for our lesson on the Art of Tea Ceremony. After lunch we will visit the famous Zen Temple & Rock Garden Ryoanji and finish at The Golden Pavilion Kinkakuji before returning to the hotel mid afternoon.

Day 4

Stay – Kyoto @ The Celestine Hotel Gion

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Philosopher’s Path, Silver Pavilion & Nanzenji Temple

Meals Included – Breakfast

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at Kenninji Temple. Mid-morning we will make our way to the Silver Pavilion Ginkakuji which boasts spectacular Japanese Gardens and will initiate our introduction to the idea of Wabi Sabi. We will then begin our walk down The Philosopher’s Path, a stunningly beautiful and meaningful stroll under the trees and along a canal stopping on route for lunch and shopping. Our day will end with a Sacred Women’s Circle at the most important Zen Temple of Kyoto and head temple of the Rinzai sect Nanzenji.

Day 5

Stay – Kyoto @ The Celestine Hotel Gion

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Kimono Play & Kiyomizu Temple

Meals Included – Breakfast

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at Kenninji Temple. Mid-morning we will make our way to a local salon for a total transformation. You will be pampered with professional hair and make up and personally styled and dressed in Japan’s national dress the Kimono. We will take lots of beautiful photos in the charming neighbourhood of Gion and then enjoy lunch together at a stunning heritage property known as The Sodoh. For the afternoon we will slowly make our way to hilltop Temple of Kiyomizudera taking in Higashiyama’s lovely local sweets and pottery shops along the way.

Day 6

Stay – Kyoto @ The Celestine Hotel Gion

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Calligraphy, 1001 Buddha’s Temple & Ikebana (Flower Arranging)

Meals Included – Breakfast

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at Kenninji Temple. Mid-morning we will make our way to our calligraphy lesson. You will be taught the meaning of Japanese calligraphy, why it is such a respected art form and learn how to write your name in Japanese. After our calligraphy lesson we will visit 1001 Buddha’s a fascinating and powerful mix of Buddhist & Hindu deities. After lunch we will make our way to a traditional Japanese house or ‘Machiya‘ where we will be taught all of the foundational principles of Ikebana or flower arranging and try our hands at creating a perfectly balanced masterpiece.

Day 7

Stay – Uji @ Hanayashiki Japanese Ryokan

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Free Time & Fushimi Inari Shrine, Art of Bathing

Meals Included – Breakfast & Dinner

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at Kenninji Temple. After breakfast we will check out and the morning will be yours to enjoy as you wish. You might like to do a spot of shopping and pick up some souvenirs or an optional Geisha Make Over at a traditional Geisha House. After lunch we will leave Kyoto and begin our next adventure in Uji stopping on route to visit the beautiful Shrine Gates of Fushimi Inari. We will check in to our new home, a traditional ‘Ryokan’ or Japanese style Inn positioned in the fairytale setting of the ‘Tales Of Genji‘. You will be introduced to the Art of Bathing or ‘Ofuro’ a famous Japanese pass time and we will enjoy an evening feast together in true Ryokan style.

Day 8

Stay – Uji @ Hanayashiki Japanese Ryokan

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Byodoin World Heritage Site

Meals Included – Breakfast

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at the Ryokan. Mid-morning we will visit World Heritage site Byodoin Temple which hosts a spectacular Golden Buddha, one of Japan’s National Treasures. The beautifully tendered temple grounds also host a gorgeous museum full of perfectly preserved historical Buddhist artifacts. After our temple visit we will enjoy lunch together and a stroll around the charming town of Uji. The afternoon and evening will be yours to do as you wish. You might like to explore the nature of Uji further or simply sit on the balcony of the Ryokan and watch the world go by.

Day 9

Stay – Uji @ Hanayashiki Japanese Ryokan

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Kasuga Shrine, Japanese Gardens & The Big Buddha in Nara

Meals Included – Breakfast & Dinner

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at the Ryokan. Mid-morning we venture out on our day trip to Japan’s ancient capital Nara. Nara is famous for it’s multitude of deer roaming the parklands, a highly respected symbol of Buddhism. As we explore the different landscape that is Nara, we will visit World Heritage Sites Kasuga Shrine, Todaiji Temple or ‘The Big Buddha’ and beautiful Japanese Garden Yoshiki-En. Upon our return to Uji we will stop and celebrate our time together with a Farewell Dinner.

Day 10

Departure Day

Activities – Meditation/Yoga, Closing Circle

Meals Included – Breakfast

Travel – Private Coach Transfer to Kansai International Airport Osaka (2 hours)

We will start our day with an early morning Meditation & Yoga practice at the Ryokan and seal our time together with a Closing Circle. Mid-morning we will check out and transfer back to Osaka Kansai International Airport. Once we reach Osaka we will bid farewell to new friends and continue on to international flights, back to Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport or alternative plans in Japan.

Always wanted to go to Japan? Ready to invest in yourself? Here is your chance!

You will be led in a way that is nurturing and fun.

You will have the chance to experience and grow without any expectation or pressure.

This is an opportunity to put yourself first and make YOUR dream of travelling to Japan come true. 

A well-designed, thoughtful cultural immersion encompassing the Art of Femininity.

A Heart journey for Spiritual Women who value coming together in community and sharing their love of Yoga & Travel.

Your will be inspired and encouraged to reignite your connection to your innate Feminine Essence.

The Art of Femininity will mindfully encourage you back to your natural core as a woman.

And evoke an INNER radiance that is embedded with timeless beauty.

Now is the time to chose a slower, more mindful and gentle way of living.

Japan will show you the way!

We would LOVE for you to join us.