One-On-One Mentoring to help YOU envisage & grow your aspiring Heart-Based Business!

Do you wish to be a Heart-Based Business Owner?

So many women contact me and want to know how I do what I do.

Just like me, they wish to connect and share with other like-hearted women and help them deepen their Sense of Spirit.

They love the idea of getting paid to share what they love and a lifestyle filled with the freedom of working for themselves.

Are you one of those Women?

Have you been inspired by my work and wish to have a Heart-Based Business of your own?

I can tell you that the secret to my success was investing in a Yoga Business Mentor early on.

And to be honest I wasn’t even very far along in knowing that I had a viable business concept when I took on a mentor.

That’s why you take on a Business Mentor silly!

For years, self doubt and a lack of confidence stopped me from sharing with the world my most sacred work.

But that was then an this is now.

In just 2 short years I’ve gone from being a struggling Yoga Teacher to a successful Luxury International Retreat Leader and Heart-Based Business Owner!

I’d love to share with you the secrets of my success in a supportive, intuitive and personalised 1-on-1 forum.

You will be tenderly guided through a 5 Step Process to help you clarify and refine your Heart-Based Business Idea.

The type of Heart-Based Business that you are thinking of could be anything from Workshops, Women’s Circles, Mini-Retreats to Online Programs, Webinars, Retreats or Yoga Teacher Training’s.

No matter what your idea is I will be there for you to support you in making it come to life.

I will hold your hand and be your sounding board as well as your biggest fan and co-conspirer for greatness.

I believe that you have important gifts to share with the world and I want to help you find the way, YOUR WAY to do just that. 

I believe that you have all of the knowledge, experience and skills to make your Heart-Based Business a success .

In just 5 sessions you will be able to sky rocket your idea from conception to action.

Your heart will be full and you will be once again in charge of your destiny.

Let me show you how I can help you, the opportunity to work 1-on-1 together will be priceless.

“Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path… exactly where you are meant to be right now… And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.” -Caroline Adams

What is a Heart-Based Business?

  • A Business where sharing Love, Compassion and Kindness is the foundation.

  • A Business where your own Spiritual Practice and Inner Guru is the guiding principle.

  • A Business where listening to your heart and your intuition is not only encouraged but a necessity.

  • A Business where scheduling regular Self Care is a prerequisite for your success as a Business Owner.

  • A Business where you understand your client’s needs so deeply and fully that you can offer them exactly what THEY desire.

  • A Business that is measured on how often your client’s recommend you and your business not just the bottom line.

  • A Business where an abundance mindset is prevalent.

  • A Business where making money is seen as a positive energy exchange for the excellence of your offering.

  • A Business where you don’t even feel like you are doing business because of the LOVE that you have for what you share.

  • A Business where you ask for help when you need it.

  • A Business where your investment in yourself is equal to or greater than the time that you spend on your business.

  • A Business where a daily Spiritual practice is a given and a BIG part of your daily duties.

  • A Business where a lightness of being – dance breaks and copious amounts of nourishing herbal tea are encouraged!

How does the Heart-Based Business Mentoring work?

  • You decide that you are serious about making your Heart-Based Business dreams come true.

  • We set up a time for a 20 Minute Discovery Call to see if we are the right fit for each other.

  • Once WE decide to go ahead I will invoice you for the 5 sessions and we can schedule our first meeting.

  • Each of the 5 sessions will be a scheduled 40 minute ZOOM call held online that you can record and refer back to.

  • All 5 sessions are paid for upfront and must be used within an 8 week period of the start date.

  • The pace at which you wish to make your Heart-Based Business dream’s come true will be entirely up to you and how much work you are able to implement between sessions.

  • At the end of the 5 sessions you can decide if you’re in need of more ongoing support or if you’re ready to spread your wings and fly.

My Heart-Based Business Values

  • May I practice deep Self Enquiry in order to Know & Love Thyself

  • May I live authentically from a place centred in the Heart

  • May I follow my Dharma and help other women to uncover their’s

  • May my thoughts, actions & words be Divinely inspired and infused with honesty & integrity

  • May I be guided to create safe container’s for like-hearted women to explore their own Spirituality

  • May I offer immersive experiences that foster genuine connection between other like-hearted women

  • May I share the Tools of Transformation that have positively impacted my life with other women

  • May I serve other women in a way that is Spiritually uplifting and nourishing

  • May my enthusiasm for the Spiritual Tradition of Yoga and all of it’s branches be infectious

  • May the deep immersive experiences and 1-on-1 sessions that I offer be perceived as priceless

  • May I conduct myself and my heart-based business in a Feminine Way

  • May all beings know love, be happy and find freedom

First and foremost I am a student of Yoga

[1998] Started practicing Yoga

[2012] 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with VIDYA HEISL Vinyasa Flow & Kundalini

[2013] 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with TARA JUDELLE Hatha Yoga in the Anusara Method

[2016] 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with SURINDER SINGH Hatha Yoga

[2016] 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with TINA NANCE Yin Yoga

[2017] 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with ANANDRA GEORGE & SUDHANSHU SHARMA Mantra & Nada Yoga

[Ongoing] Study of SHAIVITE TANTRA with various teachers including Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Michaela Boehm, Dr David Frawley, Dr Christopher Wallis, Dr Robert Svaboda, Dr Paul Muller-Ortega & Mahasiddha Yoga