What men want in relationships…

Why is it that we completely understand where our girlfriends are coming from but when it comes to the men folk we are often baffled?!

Most of my studies of late have been about the polarity that exists between men and women.

Essentially – understanding the space in-between and how we can have more beautiful and balanced relationships.

Celebrating the differences between men and women and learning to relate from that point of difference is the aim of the game.

Relationships are the perfect opportunity to practice Yoga.

Men are really much simpler creatures than we realise.

They require much less to feel satisfied and if you find something that works all you need to do is keep doing it!

They don’t want us to boss them around like we are at work.

They want us to LOVE ourselves so that they can love us more.

They don’t need us to be strong and work everything out by ourselves.

And they certainly don’t want us to put up with their bullshit!

So how does all of this relate to Yoga? 

If Yoga is the practice of unifying the body, mind and spirit on an inner level then the external manifestation of that is naturally how we can unify with another person through a relationship.

More and more I see Yoga as something that is a 24-7 practice, a way of living, not just a theory or that peaceful feeling that you float away with after class.

We practice, practice, practice so that we may know ourselves more intimately than any other thing known to us on this earth.

According to the Yogic scriptures that is why we have received the gift of existing within this body in this lifetime.

It is from this place that we then choose to engage in our relationships with others.

So how can we SLOW down, surrender and stay present in our hearts constantly?

That is the practice.  

That is the Yoga.  

That is the self enquiry.  

Finally if this idea of relating more fully to the men folk in your life strikes a chord with you then take 11 minutes to watch John Wineland’s what men are craving below.

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