How the Biology of Sex differs for Men & Women

By Ma Ananda Sarita

Biologically speaking, a woman is made in such a way that when she has sex with a man (especially if no condom is used), her Yoni (vagina) will actually change shape to become the perfect fit for the Lingam (penis) of her lover.

The morphing of the Yoni, simultaneously morphs the woman’s brain and emotional function and she will begin feeling that this man is her mate.

She will find herself shifting into receptivity towards his behavioural quirks as her whole body-mind system begins believing that this is her man and she needs to adapt to receive him on all levels, becoming ‘his woman.’

She will literally become physically addicted to his smell, the sound of his voice, the feel of his touch and the feel of his Lingam inside of her.

Body chemistry gives rise to feelings of love, addiction and attachment.

On a deep biological level she begins seeing him as her protector and the father of her future children.

Her whole psyche will send a danger alert, that her sole protector in case she is going to be pregnant, may be lured elsewhere.

She will do everything in her power to hold her man, as to let him go will be physically and psychologically agonizing.

Both men and women experience withdrawal symptoms when the lover leaves, just as you would experience withdrawal when coming off a hard drug.

This is because sexual love is in fact, a drug.

Receptors in our body open to the chemical cocktail of a lover and get addicted, needing a top up at regular intervals.

A woman needs to feel deeply loved, passionately possessed, very secure and that a man wants nothing more than to provide for her.

This may sound old fashioned, but it is not, it is just the effect of biology.

Many women try to deceive themselves that they are not what is written in their biology, and yet the biological program will seep out in so many ways.

If a woman finds a man who rocks her world, she will not want to continue searching for more.

She will wish to open into deeper intimacy, greater soul connection and a quality, secure lifestyle.

Now, let us explore how it is for men, biologically speaking and how this affects their psyche and emotions.

A man is programmed by his brain and body chemistry to desire to see naked women or alluring body parts of women, on a very regular basis.

He will feel in his right place, if he sees sexually stimulating bodies moving in his environment, whether that be physically, in picture form or in his imagination.

Testosterone will ask him to respond with sexual desire towards ovulating women, to seek the goal of depositing his seed in the fertile furrow of a woman in heat.

A civilized man will wait for certain subtle signals that this particular woman is ready for his courtship, and yet he will also need to honour his animal instinct and to learn to enjoy the sexual impulses that course through him at regular intervals.

And yet, if a man bonds with a special woman, who touches him deeply enough, within three years of being exclusively with her, his honeymoon hormones will diminish and nesting hormones will take their place.

He will then find deepest satisfaction in providing a safe and secure home environment for his loved one.

If a child is born to them, upon seeing his child for the first time, nature ensures that he will suddenly be pierced by the arrow of his role as provider and father for his new family.

Eye contact on a regular basis with his child will bring him the deepest peace he has ever known and a powerful urge to protect his child will become the main driving force in his life.

It is for this reason that many women instinctively try to become pregnant with a man, because they know deep down that once he sees into the eyes of his child, he will be bound by nature to become the provider and protector of her and their child.

Another aspect which is important for men is that of male bonding.

A man is programmed by nature to need a transmission of manhood from a powerful male role model.

Many men in our days have completely missed out on this basic need being met because of the ‘absent father syndrome’.

By seeking multi partners, they may be trying in some way to prove to themselves that even though they never had the transmission of manhood from a father figure, they are attaining manhood by spreading their seed in many women.

Some men make ideal partners providing a stable home environment for their family, till ‘manopause’ arrives, (also known as the ‘mid -life crisis)’.

His eyes will then stray from his nest, wanting to prove that he is still a prime stud and can satisfy a young ovulating woman.

This urge may become so strong that his entire psyche and emotional being will go through a radical metamorphosis.

Because his testosterone levels are slowly decreasing as he ages, it is as if he seeks one last burst of the alpha male experience.

Many men wake up one day to find that they have become the father of a new born baby at the same time as they are becoming grandfathers and wonder how it happened!

Yes, indeed, biology is very powerful!

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