Have you got the Winter Blues?

Anyone that knows me knows that I really don’t like the cold!

I’m so much of a Winter-phobe that I pretty much follow the sun around the planet living as a nomadic Yogini and chasing warmth.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like I suffer from ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ and Winter’s can be a SUPER challenging time. 

This year I’ve deliberately chosen to brave the Winter Blues to find stillness and grounding in this sacred season of hibernation.

Today I’ve enlisted the help of one of my soul sister Sarah to share with you her favourite girly methods for staying warm and beating the Winter Blues. 

Every season has its deeper purpose and associated symbolism and energies.

Winter is a time to retreat inwards and tend our nest, nourish ourselves and prepare to emerge anew from our cocoon, like a butterfly into the delights of Spring.

Take the opportunity to beautify your home, you will spend more time in it.

Surround yourself with colours and objects that uplift you.

Cook warming, nourishing soups – our bodies need more fuel to stay warm.

Catch up on books and movies under a cosy blanket (by the fire if you are lucky enough to have one).

Write in your journal, winter gives us the time for pause and reflection.

Time to hibernate, sit and ponder.

Time to be content with doing less and feeling more.

Time to ruminate on new projects that will be born in the Spring time.

Clear out the old to make way for the new.

Having a wardrobe clear out can be cathartic and aid in clearing out the cobwebs of your mind that might be keeping you stuck in negativity.

Most of us have too much stuff anyway which can clog the physical spaces in our home as well as the clarity of our mental spaces.

Try tending to your garden.

Weeding is therapeutic and can symbolise the clearing out of the old and unnecessary from our lives.

As can planting seeds both physically and metaphorically.

Seeds that will begin to sprout and take growth in the coming Spring.

Observe the leaves that fall from deciduous trees, we too have this opportunity to let the old dross fall away from us.

Winter is the perfect time to up the self-care by creating a day spa vibe in your bathroom.

Start by symbolising the shedding of the old by exfoliating the whole body.

As you slough off the dead skin, imagine you are releasing anything that has weighed you down.

Complete the renewal ritual with a beautiful bath, adding your favourite essential oils and Epsom salts.

Surround the bath with candles, put on your favourite face masque, sip on a cup of tea and the picture of winter bliss is complete.

Rituals are so important in our busy, outcome obsessed, swipe on, swipe off world.

Bathing is an ancient ritual which is perfect to reclaim the divine feminine and have some quiet time to contemplate and emerge renewed.

Just as Winter naturally tends to be a time to hibernate and stay inside, with our glorious sunny days it is also a brilliant opportunity to go on bush and beach walks.

There are less people around so it is a beautiful time to commune with nature.

The fierce summer sun is often one we retreat from, unlike the winter rays which are truly Divine.

On these short days, if Surya shows himself, get out there and bathe in the vitamin D.

This can really help to keep the SADs at bay (Seasonal Affective Disorder from lack of sunlight).

Rigorous exercise is not something that I am naturally drawn to.

I am much more comfortable in a forward fold over a bolster or resting my legs in viparita karani (legs up the wall).

Whilst I can endlessly sing the praises of yin yoga, a brisk walk can be very beneficial during this season.

Sweating and increasing our circulation are warming and can shift those winter blues and physical sluggishness.

And if you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still looking for something more then why not plan a Yoga Holiday?

Check out the retreats I’ve got on offer so that you have something to get you through the depths of Winter and look forward to next year!

Winter doesn’t have to be about cold and suffering, make the most of the beauty that is this quiet, reflective time and feed your soul with warmth and nourishment.

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