Dream of having your own Eat, Pray, Love Moment? Part Two

Allow me to continue my story of my own Eat, Pray, Love experience in India…

Two days into the journey I was out on my own.

One of the concessions, I soon found out, was to leave Varanasi early and fly alone to Delhi on a cheap flight!

Ok, so that was not the group experience I was looking for and unfortunately it was the first of many shortcomings of that group tour.

But I digress, there was in fact a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow just around the corner.

I set my alarm clock super early so that I could get up just before sunrise.

I got dressed quickly and made my way down to the steps of the Ganges river.

My mission was to take in as much prana or life-force energy as I could fit in.

Bottle it, store it and allow it to float me around for the rest of the trip.

The day before I had seen a holy man sitting on the steps meditating and I thought to myself what a great place to start.

I had my journal and I perched myself in the same position I had see the holy man in the day before.

I used my journal as my meditation cushion and I settled in and as you can imagine my meditation was like magic that day.

I was living the dream, ticking off the bucket list and doing what the Yogi’s have done for thousands of years in the homeland of this sacred art form.

What a site to behold, the sun rising over the Ganges river in the holiest city of India – the oldest living city in the world!

I floated into the inner landscape and merged with the outer and I had to pinch myself when I came out because I felt like the luckiest girl alive.

I journalled to ground myself and document my experience and by this time all of the river activity had come to life – the bathing, the rituals, the mantras and offerings.

Something caught my eye – an old man down by the river was gesturing for me to come down and my heart sank.

I shouldn’t have been sitting there assuming that you can just treat this holy land as your own.

To my surprise when I got to the bottom, my head held in shame, the old man had prepared a large piece of cardboard for me to sit down on next to him.

He was fascinated with my meditation and my journalling but off course he only spoke Hindi so I was forced to resort to every single yoga word that I knew and luckily I have a bit of a thing for Sanskrit.

Through limited words and a lot of hand gestures I was able to communicate that I was a yoga teacher, that I had recently been studying the Bhagavad Gita and that I was doing my sadhana (daily practice) here by the river.

He was so intrigued and his kind face made me relax so I asked him if he knew anything in Sanskrit from the Bhagavad Gita that he could write down in my journal.

He was perplexed for a little while as he was quite old and frail.

Meanwhile, another holy man, a Hindu priest, came along and wanted a piece of the action.

He was dressed in all of his holy garb and offered to bless my brand new rudraksha mala (meditation beads) by the banks of the river.

Off course I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and I felt confident that the old man would keep an eye on me.

I left him with my journal to see what he could come up with and edged closer to the river for the ritual.

The priest had me recite after him some special mantras, interjected with the name of my mother and father and he performed a ritual with rice, ash and something that looked like dried spaghetti!

He bathed my mala in the river and sprinkled drops of the water on my head.

I was purified and my mala was blessed, infused with Ganga Jal, the holy river water of the life-force of Divine Mother India – the Ganges River.

The ritual was complete and off course as it happens often in India the priest asked for a donation…whether he was a legitimate priest or not, I guess I’ll never know.

The old man, who by this stage I had established was called Rajendra-ji started to speak very firmly to the priest.

From what I could gather, he said something along the lines of, you can’t charge her she’s a yoga teacher and then he asked me to sit down with him again.

I sat down and he slowly revealed the beautiful Sanskrit phrase that he had managed to recall and had written in his best hand neatly in my journal.

He recited it for me, looked up and smiled and closed my journal pressing it to his heart.

That moment was so heart warming that I will never ever forget it and it was right there on the banks of the river that the little seed of my Spiritual offerings in India was planted.

A little seed that has blossomed into two very special offerings in the North and the South of India.

I vowed to create my own experience of the Divine Mother where you are held in a container of safety and nourishment yet free to roam and explore.

An experience where you have the time to connect to the local culture, the rituals and the environment in order to make your own way back to yourself.

These are the experiences of India that I wish to share.

A chance to get away from your regular life and take your own sacred pause – stop and connect back in with your forgotten hopes and dreams.

An opportunity to have some fun with other like-minded women and re-kindle your relationship with yourself.

Why not come and take the time to sit with me and do just that.

Meditate whilst floating on the holy river Ganges in Varanasi or sitting in the majestical mountains of Kerala.

Ponder the beauty and majesty of the Taj Mahal or saturate yourself in herbal goodness and healthy living by experiencing Ayurveda and a vegetarian lifestyle.

Take time out from normal life, to meditate on life – to sit, to ponder, to reflect and to plan.

Take time off to explore, time away to re-connect and for the first time in a long time make investing in your own self care your top priority.

Divine Mother India holds within her a large piece of my Spiritual development together with a conducive environment to share the teachings of how to live in greater alignment – I hope that I can share her beauty, depth and mysticism with you too.

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